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Independent Research is a sales and distribution outlet for high-quality analysis for the business and financial community. By using the service you can gain access to the output of a number of selected content providers, with the service covering companies, sectors, financial market commentary/forecasts, asset allocation advisory services, and country-based/macroeconomic analysis.

Users of the Independent Research service are notified of fresh research published by a daily email, and can choose to receive immediate or daily notification of research that matches their requirements. They can also search the database (by company, sector, country, keywords, provider etc) to view details of research available, as well as view details of - and downloadable free samples from - the content provider companies.

There is a synopsis of each of the research documents published, with the price for each clearly displayed. And all of the research is current, with no time-delay in delivery from the content provider and with the document staying on the system only as long as itís shelf-life. Users of the Independent Research service can access their account details at any time to monitor expenditure (multiple users can be set up with individual accounts and/or a master account which would detail the transactions of all your users; spending limits can be imposed if required).

Access to the Independent Research service is possible through three methods:
  1. Monthly Billing: Under this arrangement you have full access to the service and are invoiced at the end of each month for the research purchased; if there is no research purchased there is nothing to pay.

  2. Subscription: There is no set subscription rate for the Independent Research service. You determine the amount you wish to pay, either per quarter or per year, we invoice you for that sum, and you have full access to the service to download research up to the amount of your subscription. You can raise or lower your subscription level for each subsequent period if you wish and roll over any unused amount or over-subscription expenditure.

  3. Pay-As-You-Go: Under this arrangement you can add research documents to a shopping basket and pay for them by credit card.
  • Access to the Independent Research service requires registration. To register, please click here.

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  • To request trial access to the service, please click here.

  • If you are a research provider interested in using Independent Research as an additional sales outlet, please click here.